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After establishment of the company,
Ciaat has contributed to the development of the industry by providing the innovative products
with the partners. Our passion and effort will go on until the partners are satisfied.
What we have done

2005 ~ 2010 :
            - Company establishment
            - D2T2 (Dye-sublimation diffusion thermal transfer) color ribbon development
            - Dye-receiving photo paper development
            - Security identification specialty film development
            - 26 patents registered
            - Supply D2T2 color ribbon and security film supply for Korean National Identification Card
            - Supply D2T2 color ribbon for Korean Driver’s license card
            - Set up supply chain for 46 countries
            - Built the third largest D2T2 color ribbon production factory in the world
            - Innovative photo development products development
            - Premium photobooth development

2011 ~ Current :
            - Alliance with major market leaders in the industry
            - Spin off photo development products and photobooth business unit
            - Ranked 3rd largest D2T2 product supplier in the world and Targeting to be 2nd

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